Characteristics of surgical Clothing

- Jun 22, 2018-

Pure cotton: Pure cotton belongs to natural fiber, with good breathability, feel well, low price advantages, to the X 60/20 ' s X, 108 x 58/20 ' SX

The main, all medical institutions in the country currently has more than 90% cotton-oriented surgical clothing, but in the western countries for the requirements of the surgical clothing has been the protection and sense of control as the most important normative focus to reduce the use of cotton surgery clothing.

High Density fabric Mainly to 75d/70f or 75d/144f polyester fiber mainly, latitude and longitude density of 150-170/inch and 100-120/inch, fabric surface per (0.5-1) cm Erhkan into conductive fiber or carbon fiber, so that the fabric has anti-static effect (similar to dust-free clothing fabric). The antistatic effect makes the comfort of the operation clothes improve obviously. This kind of operation clothing has hydrophobic, has the barrier function, is not easy to produce the micro dust and the cotton operation clothes to remove the flocculation the merit.

And the repeated use of washable times than cotton surgery clothing average increase of 50-70 times, this type of operation of light, do not absorb the characteristics of the water to reduce the cost of washing, so the overall cost is also followed by the decline, which is also the current use of polyester fiber type of surgery is an important factor to improve.

Multilayer Laminated Fabric: With the continuous improvement of textile technology, many new materials are used in all kinds of medical cloth. The advantages of cotton and chemical fiber combination of two materials, the middle layer to PU, Teflon (PTFE) or Goretex membrane, so that the surgical gown with excellent protective performance and comfortable air permeability, can effectively obstruct blood, bacteria and even virus penetration. 2003 began to promote the use of European and American medical institutions.