Disposable Surgical Clothing Material

- Jun 22, 2018-

1. Polypropylene Viscose cloth: This kind of material can be treated by antibacterial, antistatic and so on, make antibacterial protective clothing, antistatic protective clothing, etc. Polypropylene spunbonded can replace the traditional cotton cloth. Compared with the traditional cotton protective clothing, polypropylene spunbonded protective clothing is undoubtedly a great progress. Because of its low price, and is a one-time use, can greatly reduce the cross infection rate, in the just introduced a long time, in foreign countries to be a large number of promotion.

However, this material is relatively low hydrostatic pressure, the barrier efficiency of the virus particles is also relatively poor, can only be used as aseptic surgery clothing, disinfection bags and other general protective equipment.

2. Polyester fiber and wood pulp composite water stimulation cloth: This material feels soft, close to the traditional textiles, and can be three-resistant (alcohol, blood, oil) and anti-static, antibacterial and other treatment, you can use "Y" Ray disinfection, is a relatively good medical protective clothing materials.

But its hydrostatic pressure is also relatively low, the barrier efficiency of the virus particles is also relatively poor, so it is not ideal protective clothing materials.

3. Polypropylene spunbonded One melt spurts the viscose compound Nonwoven fabric (namely SMS or SMMS): Melt spray cloth is characterized by fine fiber diameter, large surface area, fluffy, soft, good drape, small filtration resistance, high filtration efficiency, strong resistance to hydrostatic pressure, but low strength, poor wear resistance, to a considerable extent, limited the development of its application areas. But the textile viscose fiber line density is bigger, the fiber net is by the continuous filament composition, its breaking strength and the elongation is much bigger than the melt spraying cloth, precisely may make up the melt spray cloth the insufficiency. The SMS product has the inherent high strength abrasion resistance of the spunbonded layer, and the middle melt spray layer improves the filtration efficiency, the barrier property, the resistance to particle penetrating, the hydrostatic pressure, the shielding and the appearance uniformity, thus realizes the good filtration, the fluid resistance and the opacity. This material has the following excellent characteristics: ① uniform appearance; ② High Hydrostatic pressure ability: ③ soft feel, ④ good breathability, ⑤ good filtration effect, ⑥ acid and alkali resistance. In addition, SMS Nonwovens can be three-resistant (alcohol, blood, oil) and anti-static, antibacterial, anti-aging treatment, to meet the needs of different uses. Therefore, SMS Nonwovens are widely used at home and abroad to make high-grade surgical clothing.