The origin of the name White Angel

- Oct 18, 2018-

We all know that "White Angel" is the name of the nurse, so how does this name come from? It is called the angel because the nurse's work is mainly to care for the health of the patient, like an angel who brings love and happiness to people. It is called white because of the reason why the uniforms of the nurses are pure white. So, why is the nurse's suit white? We can look at its development history.

The predecessor of the nurse's Surgical Gown was actually religious clothing. At that time, in order to promote religious benevolence, a patient care activity was launched. The main participants were the nuns in the church, and later attracted some status ladies. As nursing staff, they do not have professional nursing knowledge. They rely on women's gentleness and love, so they are often become angels. They usually wear uniform clothing when they work, which is the prototype of the earliest nurse uniform.

Later, the profession of nurses gradually increased in the society. There were also many nurse schools specializing in nursing knowledge. These schools have inherited their tradition of uniform dress, and white clothes have become a symbol of nurses.

Later, the nurses were introduced to China. China first designed the pink uniform according to the style of the nurse's uniform. At that time, we were still somewhat jealous of white clothes. Later, this concept faded, and we finally chose white, and the white angels became more famous.