What are the requirements for a doctor's surgical gown?

- Jun 22, 2018-

The doctor's surgical service is a very important clothing for the hospital, because the surgical suit not only needs to protect the patient's safety, but also to the doctor's safety guarantee. Therefore the hospital must have the strict request to the surgical clothing, and needs the specialized factory to carry on the customization. To the need for frequent and business cooperation orders. In fact, when you book a nurse's uniform and other uniforms, you can book your surgical gown at the same time, so you can ensure that the product is in place.

Here is a brief introduction to the main features of surgical clothing. Unlike the general nurse's or the physician's, the surgical gown mainly functions as a barrier and requires a good comfort. After all, any bacteria on the table can be deadly, so wearing a surgical gown must also be able to block bacteria and viruses.

And such products are to be tested before the protection of the market can be launched, but also the hospital to order similar products when found professional manufacturers, so as to ensure the safety of health care personnel. The operation clothing must have the very good air permeability, moreover has the certain barrier nature, therefore the overall cost will also be higher. and the surface thickness and electrical properties of the surgical gown, as well as the corresponding photometric, odor and so on, are all required to be fully tested. Now have a lot of nurses clothing manufacturers will also provide surgical clothing customization, more styles, and more functional, but also recommended the hospital to choose such formal manufacturers. You can regularly ask each other to provide the appropriate type of surgical gown, preferably in advance, to prevent the impact of day-to-day surgery.