What is the performance of the surgical gown?

- Aug 17, 2018-

The performance of the surgical gown mainly includes: barrier properties, and comfort performance.

The barrier performance mainly refers to the protective performance of the surgical gown. The evaluation methods mainly include hydrostatic pressure, water immersion test, impact penetration, spray, blood permeation, microbial penetration and particle filtration efficiency.

Comfort properties include: breathability, water vapor permeability, drape, quality, surface thickness, electrostatic properties, color, light reflectivity, odor and skin sensitization, as well as design and sewing effects in garment processing. The main evaluation indicators are air permeability, moisture permeability and charge density.

Adsorption performance is a key area of surgical gowns. It is designed to absorb the splashing liquid generated during surgery, as well as the dust particles and surgical dust generated by equipment such as air mist and electric knives in the air to reduce harmful substances in the air. The spread in the patient, which in turn reduces the risk of infection at the incision site and the infection of medical personnel.