Choose A Safe And High Quality Surgical Gown

- Jun 22, 2018-

A doctor is a group of people who often meet occupational exposures, especially in the course of a doctor's operation. Occupational exposure of medical personnel refers to a class of occupational exposures in which medical personnel are exposed to toxic, harmful substances or infectious pathogens in the course of their treatment and care activities, thereby harming health or endangering life. Therefore, doctors for the choice of surgical clothing should be prudent, a suitable surgical clothing for doctors and patients are good.

In the operating room, occupational exposure frequently occurs, for wearing the doctor's personal clothing, you need to have these rigid requirements. Prevent liquid infiltration. The use of special fibrous tissue structure and production process of fabric, can safely prevent liquid infiltration, protect the doctor's skin does not contact the pathogen.

Anti-seepage function design reasonable, user-friendly, for the safety of doctors to add a guarantee, in the operation of patients without special distraction, more single-minded surgery. Breathable and dry. We often see in the TV series or News of the Doctor in the operating room is always sweating, body and mind are highly nervous, in this large amount of sweating time, the need for surgery to maintain a good air permeability, otherwise it will give the doctor a very uncomfortable sense of work, said may affect the operation is not too. The importance of the fabric to keep the air dry is visible.