Disposable Suture Kits-essential Products For Surgical Use

- Jun 22, 2018-

The disposable suture bag is a kind of material used widely by medical staff in operation. In a disposable suture bag, it is usually used to sew the wound, and in the course of use, it needs to be strictly sterilized before use. It is also useful to use a disposable suture package to promote wound healing. Therefore, the one-time use of suture kits has become an essential equipment in the operation.

In addition, it contains a variety of tools such as gloves, needle holders, sutures, surgical forceps, scissors and tweezers, hemostatic gauze, etc. in a disposable suture bag. and disposable suture package as a necessary equipment in the operation, should be discarded immediately after use, in order to prevent the occurrence of cross-infection, remember to repeat the use. And if a broken phenomenon occurs before use, it should cease to be used immediately.