How To Produce Medical Gauze Block

- Jun 22, 2018-

Now not only in the hospital to use disposable medical gauze block, many families will also buy medical gauze block, because our daily life inevitably has bumps, the body skin is hurt, this needs us to use hygienic clean gauze block to bandage. The medical gauze block is mainly made of bamboo charcoal fiber material, and fresh bamboo is smoked before drying, drying, pre-carbonization, carbonization, calcination, spraying, crushing, made of nano-grade bamboo charcoal powder, and then the bamboo charcoal powder mixed with polyester or viscose and stirred, through the equipment, pull out the filament containing bamboo charcoal powder, made of bamboo charcoal fiber,

Then using bamboo charcoal fiber textile to obtain gauze, the whole piece of gauze is folded in half to get the medical gauze block. After careful processing technology made of medical gauze block, is to allow users to rest assured that the use of gauze block, but also an important indicator is the medical gauze block disinfection, so as to effectively ensure the use of the process of wound healing the positive role of the promotion.