Prospect Analysis Of Domestic Medical Device Enterprises

- Jun 22, 2018-

China is now increasing the intensity of antitrust action, it is expected that the next area of investigation is likely to be the medical device industry, the implementation of the action and the country's domestic medical equipment, the positive policy will gradually achieve the medical device industry import substitution, the market share of imported equipment will be domestic equipment to obtain, domestic medical device business prospects are generally optimistic. The country's future tilt towards the medical device industry could be a glimpse of President Xi's actions, and President Xi Jinping's visit to Shanghai in May this year was a testament to the country's emphasis on the medical device industry, and President Xi Jinping's proposal to accelerate imports The selection of excellent domestic medical equipment and the encouragement of domestic business development are also being put into action, for example, the selection of excellent equipment has been launched, the digital x-ray machine, color Doppler ultrasonic wave diagnostic equipment, such as the first batch of three medical devices will gradually be pushed to various medical institutions,

Domestic equipment to achieve import substitution of the pace has been started, domestic equipment is expected to benefit under preferential policies. Preferential policies are only part of the reason, our country enlarges to the monopoly enterprise's management work, the future anti-monopoly action most likely in the medical device profession launches, since last year, in the medical device profession successively has the antitrust case to expose, at present, our country medical device market still is the foreign monopoly, this to the domestic enterprise development very unfavorable, In order to take the long road of development, we must solve the problem of monopoly, the medical device industry as the basic industry of the relationship between people's livelihood, the monopoly of this field is bound to be broken by the policy, domestic enterprises benefit.