Technical Specification And Purchase Notice Of Medical Masks

- Jun 22, 2018-

Recently, the national relevant department head said that, before the end of the year, "daily protective masks technical specifications" of the draft will be published.

The material requirements, structural requirements, labeling requirements and appearance requirements of the masks are involved in the draft, and the main indexes include the filtration efficiency of functional index particulate matter, expiratory suction resistance Index and the index of the density. In the "Norms" before the publication of the draft, the current market masks a wide variety, there is a one-time sex, gauze, cotton, activated carbon and other types. Of course, because the effect is different, its price is also different, the cheap has a few cents a, expensive also has dozens of yuan money one.

However, some masks are not only marked, labeled, or even packaged. Doctors remind, wearing a mask before need to pay attention to the hands of the clean, also not easy to wear for a long time, otherwise easy to make the nasal mucosa become vulnerable, more susceptible to disease. In addition, the choice of masks can not only look at the appearance, but also to see whether it is clean and tidy, and combined with their actual needs to buy.