The Magical Use Of Medical Gauze Bandage In Outer Bandage

- Jun 22, 2018-

The medical gauze bandage has the elasticity, may play the fixed function, is to the orthopedic patient fracture place the external bandaging, the fixed one kind of necessary medical material.

When we use, we should choose the quality of medical gauze bandage, in the correct way to bind. The so-called fracture, as the name suggests, refers to the bones or bones of the structure of complete or partial rupture. Generally in children and the elderly more, middle-aged and young people will also occur. You must not move after a fracture to prevent a more serious dislocation. Be sure to make a bandage for the professional. What is the correct way to use medical gauze bandages? Yuan medical treatment for you in detail: Before the use of medical gauze bandage, open the seal first to soak in the water at room temperature, only need 10 seconds to remove, the general water temperature control in 20 degrees appropriate, and then force the rest of the bandage out of the water. We use medical gauze bandages to take care of how much to take apart, not more demolition, because the delay after the use will make the bandage harden, affect the next use or can not be used, which caused unnecessary waste.

When wrapping bandages, the most important thing is not to be too tight, because this will cause the patient's blood flow, discomfort, will be detrimental to the wound recovery and healing. Medical gauze bandage can be processed by medical gauze block, the bandage can play a very good role in the broken bone, with safflower oil and bone-setting water and other drugs can make bones heal faster. In addition gauze bandage must do disinfection work before using.