To Do Medical Clothing With Professional Fabrics More Trustworthy

- Jun 22, 2018-

Clothing is a fitting skin thing, is all day with you 0 distance contact things, it is the quality of the fabric directly affect the comfort you wear, affecting the state of your work.

The main fabric of health care clothing is the soft silk lun, soft silk is the following Shusel lun fabric, le times Kang Independent research and development of a new professional medical clothing fabrics, with super soft feel and excellent skin, is the inner garment, hand-washing clothing, such as personal clothing preferred fabrics. The modified fibers used in fabrics fully embody the characteristics of high strength of synthetic fibers, latitude and longitude to break strength is greater than 1000 N, clothing by 300 times of industrial washing (high-temperature chlorine bleaching) is still as new, at the same time with natural fiber moisture permeability, by professional instrument testing, permeability is Sanka fabric 8 times times more, wearing very comfortable.