What To Pay Attention To When Purchasing Medical Clothing?

- Jun 22, 2018-

Health care clothing have a certain period of use, every once in a while need to change a batch, medical clothing regularly replaced not only to give doctors and nurses a better clothing experience, but also to better protect the safety of patients, better isolation of bacteria. So what should be paid attention to when purchasing medical clothing in bulk?

How can we purchase quality medical clothing? In many health care clothing manufacturers and distributors how to choose to satisfy the product is the problem of each procurement personnel, we can from the most basic three aspects to choose from. First, the choice of professional manufacturers. Professional production of medical clothing manufacturers generally only the production of hospital overalls and ward bedding, because the product specificity, factory workers long-term production of similar products, workers will be handy, the production level of high and stable. Some miscellaneous and the whole manufacturer is what work clothes are produced, such as factory clothing, office administrative clothing, restaurant waiter uniform, and some even chemical products, what all do the factory is doing a bad factory. Secondly, the choice of medical care fabrics. Because the hospital overalls need disinfection, disinfectants such as: 84 disinfectant, wash the spirit, clean and so on all contain chlorine, so used to make the fabric of health care clothing must be resistant to chlorine bleaching.