Eye Drape

Eye Drape

The single-use eye drape consists of two layers of cloth and plastic film. The surgical utility drape with Tape is made of SMS material. The surgical utility drape is suitable for obstetrics and gynecology, internal medicine, infectious diseases and surgical beds in the hospital.
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The single-use eye drape consists of two layers of cloth and plastic film. The surgical utility drape with Tape is made of SMS material. The surgical utility drape is suitable for obstetrics and gynecology, internal medicine, infectious diseases and surgical beds in the hospital. The drape can only be used once and can be discarded after being contaminated.

An eye drape is a surgical sheet specifically designed to perform a surgical procedure on a specific part of a patient. The surgical procedure has a hole for a specific surgical position, and the surgeon can perform surgery on the predetermined hole.

The eye drape can block and repel various liquids and body fluids (including blood) that occur during surgery, has a two-way effect of blocking microbial infiltration into surgical wounds and protecting medical personnel and has good gas permeability. With good "breathing" performance, the medical staff can be in good comfort during long periods of time and large fluid discharge. Holes can fully reveal the surgical field of view, which is conducive to intraoperative positioning.


SMS+ Absorbent material


Blue or customized


Standard or customized


Disposable/ Anti-static /Breathable/ Permeable


1 set eye drape, 1 wrapping.


1pcs/bag,40bag/ ctn

Carton size:


Packing Details:

With Sterilize individual pack.

With EO sterilization.

Delivery Details:

30 days after confirming the order

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Our Differ brand for disposable products on the name of a patent product of the intellectual property bureau.

Differ fabric for disposable protective non-woven products( surgical gowns, surgical drapes, and surgical packs) are mainly made of spunbond+meltblown+meltblown+meltblown+spunbond)

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