Laparotomy Drape

Laparotomy Drape

Laparotomy Drape
*Maximum Rating for flame resistance.
*It is easy to operate and spread and it has been sterilized, which can be used directly.
*Low-lint generation to reduce the risk of airborne bacterial transmission.
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Product Details



SMS+ Absorbent material


Blue or customized


1 set laparotomy pack, 1 wrapping.


1pcs/bag, 12bag/ ctn

Carton Size:






Laparotomy Drape 76"*120" with:
Armboard cover 104"
4"*12" fenestration
Positioning Tape
Fabric reinforcement
Tube Holders

Product Feature

1. Our laparotomy drape is made of excellent high-quality non-woven material.

2. Breathable, lightweight, Antistatic, non-absorbent, durability, economical, elegant and good looking.
3. Maximum Rating for flame resistance.

4. It is easy to operate and spread and it has been sterilized, which can be used directly.

5. Low-lint generation to reduce the risk of airborne bacterial transmission.

6. The fabric reinforcement could control fluid run-off.


This laparotomy drape is made of high-quality fabric and absorbent material, which is specially designed to contain everything needed to perform specific types of surgical procedures. In addition, regular colors are blue. If you need any special colors, please let us know in advance and the size and contents could be as required.

Furthermore, we do promise that it is produced in a 100,000 class clean room with a guarantee of good quality. Plus, this drape is packaged sterile to save time and reduce the costs of operating room set-up. And each pack contains the surgical items and a procedure-specific key sheet, which is easy to operate.

2(001).jpgLap drape 76" * 120" with arm board cover 104", 4"*12" fenestration, positioning tape, fabric reinforcement, tube holders.


Laparotomy Drape can be used in the hospital. It can protect the medical workers from being infected by the blood/ body fluid and other infectious material.

1. It is most important to minimize crose-infection during surgery. The c-section pack is designed and manufactured in cleaning workshops, safety, and comfort for both patient and surgeon.

2. The high-quality SMS fabric and absorbent material are carefully studied and closed to create the best barriers for bacteria, blood, and other fluids. This is in combination with a major concern for comfort and performance.