Pediatric Lap Drape

Pediatric Lap Drape

Disposable Medical Pediatric Lap Drape can be used in a hospital. It can protect the medical workers from being infected by the blood/ body fluid and other infectious material.
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Product Details


A pediatric lap drape is a surgical sheet specifically designed to perform a surgical procedure on a specific part of a patient. The surgical procedure has a hole for a specific surgical position, and the surgeon can perform surgery on the predetermined hole.

It can block and repel various liquids and body fluids (including blood) that occur during surgery, has a two-way effect of blocking microbial infiltration into surgical wounds and protecting medical personnel and has good gas permeability. With good "breathing" performance, the medical staff can be in good comfort during long periods of time and large fluid discharge. Holes can fully reveal the surgical field of view, which is conducive to intraoperative positioning.


1 Wrapping

1 Pediatric Lap Drape 60"*108" with

3" * 8" fenestration

Positioning Tape

Fabric Reinforcement

Tube Holders


This pediatric lap drape can be widely used for examination and operation. Due to the intelligent design, it can block the transmission of bacteria. In addition, it can isolate contaminated areas from clean areas. Also, the sterile field can create a sterile operative environment by aseptic application of sterile materials.

Plus, our product is specially designed according to the requirements of general surgery operation. And it comprises all necessary components for surgical operation, which saves purchasing cost and reduces the risk of cross-infection effectively. Plus, providing the most practical and cost-efficient options for patient care and comfort is a big plus in any healthcare facility.

Product Feature

Sterile Medical Pediatric Lap Drape:

1, Our product is made of high-quality SMS fabric and absorbent material.

2, The regular colors are blue. If you need any special colors, please let us know in advance.

3, The size and contents of the C-section pack could be as required.

4. It is ideal for applications where there is a high risk of exposure.

5. A full-frontal coverage area provides an optimal solution for various exposure environments.


Disposable Medical Pediatric Lap Drape can be used in a hospital. It can protect the medical workers from being infected by the blood/ body fluid and other infectious material.

1. It is most important to minimize crose-infection during surgery. The Arthroscopy pack are designed and manufactured in cleaning workshop, safety, and comfort for both patient and surgeon.

2. The high-quality SMS fabric and absorbent material are carefully studied and closed to create the best barriers for bacteria, blood, and other fluids. This is in combination with a major concern for comfort and performance.

Competitive Advantage:

We Koner is CE and ISO 13485 approved manufacturer of disposable healthcare products in China, have been dealing this business for nearly 20 years, with 210 three-stitch sewing machines, 86 single-stitch sewing machines and more than 100 workers, we could meet our customers' regular demand and keep a long term business relationship.

1. Free sample. The new sample, pre-production sample, production sample are free.

2. T/T terms are available.

3. Small order acceptable.

4. Competitive and stable price because we are a factory.

5. Qualified products 3rd part product inspection is acceptable.

6. Timely delivery. The best lead time is 20 days for a 40’HQ container.

7. Professional export service. Documentation, clearance, sea transportation. 

8. Good after-sale service. We take our complaints as we would like to be your long-term supplier.