Spunlace Gown

Spunlace Gown

Spunlace Gown
Color:Light Blue, Customized
Components:1 pc surgical gown,2 hand towel, 1 wrapping

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Product Description

This Spunlace Gown is made of high-quality poly-cotton fabric to protect your clothes from oil spills and dirt.  In addition, all the edges are professionally hemmed, which makes the gowns exceptionally durable. 

Also, it is made with an additional fluid repellent treatment to enhance protection. And there is no doubt that the spunlace technology provides high comfort and breathability for an effective gown. 

Plus, due to the special design, our product could make doctors feel light and comfortable during long time operation. We do promise that our product gives you the endurance you need to stay in the hospital,  clinic, nursing clinic or maternity home with high durability and strength.  If you are looking for long term medical care, our spunlace gown is the perfect answer to your difficult situation and time.


Product Name:

Standard Hospital Gown L




Light Blue, Customized


1 pc surgical gown,2 hand towel, 1 wrapping


1pc/bag, 34bag/ cartons

Carton Size:



Spunlace Gown can be used in hospital/ medical and biological research institution. The surgical gown can protect the medical workers from being infected by the blood/ body fluid and other infectious material.

1. The most important thing about the spunlace surgical gown is to minimize cross-infection during surgery. Surgical gowns are designed and manufactured in the cleanroom to provide safety and comfort to patients and surgeons.

2. The non-woven materials are carefully studied and closed to create the best barriers for bacteria, blood,and other fluids. 

Detailed Description for sterile disposable surgical gown:

1. Style:

Long sleeves


Elastic wrists or knitted cuffs


Ties on the neck or a magic tape on neck back


Ties on waist


With a paper card on the back (or not)

Without reinforcing/with fully reinforced on sleeve and front part/with half reinforced on the sleeve and front part

And we can do as your request or sample

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