Cystoscopy Pack Medical

Cystoscopy Pack Medical

Cystoscopy Pack Medical can be used in hospitals and clinics. It can protect the medical workers from being infected by the blood/ body fluid and other infectious material.
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Product Details


Cystoscopy Pack Medical usually consists of large cloths, surgical drapes, and Meiya bags, and additional surgical accessories are added according to the surgical requirements. Surgery drape is the core of the entire surgical package. Based on many years of clinical experience abroad, the design concept and production process of the surgical drape is more in line with the actual needs of the operation, and more effectively protect patients and medical staff. Its main characteristics are good water resistance (water-blocking non-woven fabric), good water absorption (water-absorbent non-woven fabric), high hydrostatic pressure, good flexibility, less flocculation, imported adhesive (not allergic), antistatic, anti- Alcohol, anti-plasma, anti-oil, and other advantages.

A cystoscopy drape is a surgical sheet specifically designed to perform a surgical procedure on a specific part of a patient. The surgical procedure has a hole for a specific surgical position, and the surgeon can perform surgery on the predetermined hole.

The cystoscopy drape can block and repel various liquids and body fluids (including blood) that occur during surgery, has a two-way effect of blocking microbial infiltration into surgical wounds and protecting medical personnel and has good gas permeability. With good "breathing" performance, the medical staff can be in good comfort during long periods of time and large fluid discharge. Holes can fully reveal the surgical field of view, which is conducive to intraoperative positioning.

 Detailed Product Description

Product:Cystoscopy DrapeColor:Blue And Customized
Characteristics:Dustproof / BreathableMaterial:SMS+ Absorbent Material
Application:Hospital, ClinicType:Surgical Supplies

Customized Disposable Surgical Utility Drape Sms Fabric C Section Pack


Cystoscopy Pack Medical:

1. Made of high-quality SMS fabric and absorbent material. The fabric conforms to EN13795 standards.

2. The regular colors are blue. If you need any special colors, please let us know in advance.

3. The size and contents of the laparotomy pack could be as required.

4.  EO sterile. Sterile and non-sterile available.

5. Individual sterile bag packing.

6. CSR wrapping available

7. CE and ISO13485 certificates are available, contact us for more information.

8. Produced in a 100,000 class clean room, which guarantees good quality.


Material:SMS+ Absorbent material
Color:Blue or customized

Standard or customized


400 pack


Disposable/ Anti-static /Breathable/ Permeable

Components:1 set upper extremity pack, 1 wrapping.
Packing:1pcs/bag, 10bag/ ctn
Carton size:45*30*50cm



Back table cover, reinforced 44" * 78"


Hand towel 40*50cm


Surgical gown reinforced Large


Leggings 29" * 48" with 6" cuff


Cysto T drape 60"*30"*84"

2(001).jpgBack table cover, reinforced 44" * 78".
3(001).jpgLeggings 29"*48" with 6" cuff.
4(001).jpgCysto T drape 60"*30"*84" with 3"*6" perineal fenestration, 9"*9" screen, Fabric reinforcement, Poly reinforcement, and Tube holder.


Cystoscopy Pack Medical can be used in hospitals and clinics. It can protect the medical workers from being infected by the blood/ body fluid and other infectious material.

1. It is most important to minimize crose-infection during surgery. The cystoscopy pack is designed and manufactured in cleaning workshops, safety, and comfort for both patient and surgeon.

2. The high-quality SMS fabric and absorbent material are carefully studied and closed to create the best barriers for bacteria, blood, and other fluids. This is in combination with a major concern for comfort and performance.